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Alabama Vs. South Carolina: Scouting Garcia

SB Nation's Roll Bama Roll previews the Gamecocks' offense, starting with the surprisingly adept Stephen Garcia:

The biggest shortcoming with Garcia is his continued poor pocket presence, which inevitably leads him to taking a high number of sacks. Having said that, though, the 2010 version of the Gamecocks features its usually poor offensive line that is generally incompetent in pass protection, and because of that South Carolina is going to give up a high number of sacks regardless. At least Garcia has enough mobility to make up some yardage on some busted plays, as evidenced by his 83 rushing yards on the season despite being sacked nine times. In other words, with the notable exception of two untimely fumbles against Auburn, Garcia has generally played very well in 2010. The fact that Steve Spurrier seems hellbent on benching him says far more about Spurrier's inherently neurotic view of his quarterbacks than it does about any performance shortcomings on the part of Garcia.