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Michigan State Vs. Michigan: Spartans Against The Spread

SB Nation's Maize N Brew and The Only Colors discuss the Spartans' experience with spread offenses like Michigan's:

Maize n Brew Dave:  I've watched some of MSU's games this year, but not all of them. Has MSU faced a spread-run offense (e.g., run first pass as necessary) this season? If so, how did the defense hold up? If not, don't worry about it. Nothing to see here.

The Only Colors:  Not this season, no. WMU threw the ball far more often than they ran it, Notre Dame is obviously a spread-pass offense, Northern Colorado had no offensive cohesion to speak of, Wisconsin runs their typically Paleolithic offensive scheme . . . and Florida Atlantic? Howard Schnellenberger thinks that the spread run is something that happens when your trousers are too tight in the seat.