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Michigan State Vs. Michigan: Watch Denard Robinson Become A Whole New Monster

SB Nation's The Only Colors and Maize n Brew break down Denard Robinson's growth areas:

Let's start with the bad (for MSU fans, at least): Denard Robinson has pretty clearly been the best player in college football this season.  Do you see any weaknesses in his game?  Are there specific things you think he needs to accomplish for Michigan to be successful on Saturday?

There really aren't weaknesses per se in the kid's game. I know that sounds crazy, but watching him intently over the last five games I'm finding things he can improve on (go from good to great) rather than things that need to be FIXED. I think his biggest area of improvement is in the passing game, especially on his deep routes. Robinson's hit some critical bombs this season and certainly has the gun to put the ball anywhere on the field he wants, but in the Indiana game he had three wide open receivers (and I mean wide open) that he missed on long pass plays that would have been touchdowns had he taken just a smidgen off the throw. If Michigan's going to be able to run the ball (either through Robinson or Shaw/Smith/Whoever) he's going to have to make Michigan State pay for crowding the line of scrimmage by being accurate downfield when the opportunity arises.