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Miami Vs. Florida State: What's Eating Jacory Harris?

SB Nation's 7th Floor tries to make sense of the multiple injury reports surrounding Jacory Harris:

Injuries! Who has one? Who doesn't have one? Who has multiple? What does the color of your jersey say about you? Can you lift your arm above your head? Why were you late to practice? Were you at the hospital? Can you walk? Are you bed-ridden? Etc. The big question this week is whether or not Jacory Harris is injured, and if he is injured, where is he injured? How many injuries does he have? Jacory's dad says that no, in fact, Jacory is not injured. 790 AM reports that Jacory has a torn labrum, which is a rather serious injury. The Sun-Sentinel reports that Jacory has a bruised AC joint, whatever that is. My source (I have a source!) on the UM campus saw Jacory with his right thumb wrapped. In his chat today, Manny Navarro says that he "doesn't believe [Jacory's] anywhere near 100%" So who knows. UPPER EXTREMITY injury it is. Says Leonard Hankerson:

"He's throwing the ball pretty good."