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Alabama Vs. South Carolina: Team Speed Kills Sizes Up SEC Significance, Spurrier: 'Meant To Be'

SB Nation's SEC blog, Team Speed Kills, checks in with a review of what South Carolina's upset of Alabama means.

The Tide made plenty of mistakes -- a missed extra point, a missed field goal, a fake field goal attempt that featured the receiver dropping the ball -- but also ran into a team that was playing its best game of the Steve Spurrier Era. The win might actually be the best in South Carolina's 118-year football history.


It is certainly the biggest. With one fell swoop, South Carolina has reshaped the race for both the SEC East and the SEC West. Alabama still has to run the same gauntlet it always had to run -- games at LSU and against Auburn bookend November -- but has lost is margin for error. And Arkansas is back in the race with the next Alabama loss, depending on how the Razorbacks navigate their own schedule and how the tiebreakers fall.

Team Speed Kills also cites Spurrier sounding sage — some would say smarmy — as ever:

"It was meant to be."