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BCS Rankings: Which Predicted BCS Bowl Would Be The Worst?

With this week's BCS rankings completely the same in the top 10 as last week's, there's not a lot to discuss about the changes. ("Do you hate change?" isn't much of a conversation starter, especially in a sport as fluid as college football.)

But we can make some BCS bowl predictions based on the standings. And we can ask you if you will watch Pittsburgh in a BCS bowl game.

Here are the predicted matchups, via Team Speed Kills:

BCS National Championship Game: Auburn vs. Oregon
Rose Bowl: Wisconsin vs. TCU
Sugar Bowl: Ohio State vs. LSU
Fiesta Bowl: Nebraska vs. Pittsburgh
Orange Bowl: Virginia Tech vs. Oklahoma

Obviously, the Auburn-Oregon tilt pits two incredible unstoppable forces (and two defense that seem very movable), and would likely be the most exciting BCS National Championship Game since USC and Texas clashed. And Wisconsin, suddenly explosive, facing the resolute TCU defense in Pasadena seems like a good game.

But does a rematch of the 2007 season's BCS title game — in the same venue at the Sugar Bowl, no less — excite anyone? Is Virginia Tech vs. Oklahoma more than a matchup of teams that missed chances? And is anyone going to tune into a Fiesta Bowl that features Pittsburgh?

Well, you tell us.