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Even Mike Bellotti's Exes Think He's Too Good For Colorado

Former Oregon head coach Mike Bellotti is among the spiciest of names being bandied about to replace Dan Hawkins at Colorado, and some of those he left behind in Eugene think he ought to tread verrry lightly. Below the charming headline, "Oregon owes a debt of gratitude to Mike Bellotti, who can do better than Colorado if he wants to coach," and after having praises for his time with the Ducks lavished upon him, we get down to sniping:

If Bellotti wants to coach, I think he can do better than Colorado. The Buffaloes' glory years are in the rearview mirror. They haven't had a 10-win season since the 2001 team that Bellotti's Ducks pounded in the Fiesta Bowl. They last finished with a winning record in 2005.

The Buffs are an afterthought in the Denver market, which is dominated by professional sports. They are cash-poor.

AND POOR?! Oh, snap. This is the Don't Date Him, Girl of college football.

I know what you're asking -- who's not too good for Colorado? And to you I say, have you forgotten the Bowdens already? There have to be at least eight or nine of them unaccounted for.