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New Mexico Quarterback Loses Season To Pumpkin-Related Injury

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You should know a few things about New Mexico football. They're on an epic losing streak, winless on the year and 1-19 under coach Mike Locksley, their head coach who was sued by a former assistant who claimed Locksley punched him during a coaches' meeting. This came on the heels of a lawsuit filed in his first year where Locksley was accused of sexual harassment by a female UNM employee. This should bring you up to speed on the general key of things in the Locksley era thus far, someone we assume remains employed only because everyone at New Mexico is deathly afraid of being punched in the face. 

So this isn't really so much funny as it is normal for the course of Lobo football in 2010: 

Part-time starting quarterback Brad Gruner sliced the pinkie on his throwing hand and required season-ending surgery.

The accident happened while carving a pumpkin.

It's not as big a loss as you might think. New Mexico played with three equally ineffective quarterbacks anyway, and will now use someone named "Stump Godfrey" at quarterback. I know his real first name is Dorian, and that he is a 20 year old African-American quarterback. You still cannot convince me "Stump Godfrey"  is not actually a 57 year old man who looks like Cotton Hill and who rolls his own cigarettes and lights them with a match struck off his own grizzled chin.