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LSU's Craig Loston Annihilates Ole Miss Player With Probable Helmet-To-Helmet Hit

The overwhelming majority of the discussion about helmet-to-helmet hits and the concussions they cause has come from the NFL's recent rash of hard hits and the league's attempts to keep players safe without ruining the game. Somewhere in there, the discussion about those hits in college football has been lost.

Craig Loston's huge block on an LSU punt return could restart it. It probably won't.


(Click it if it doesn't work.)

That is, of course, a fairly awesome collision to witness, but it's hard not to see the Ole Miss player's helmet jerk back after the hit, and thus hard for me not to wonder if he suffered a concussion on the play. And though the play appears legal and was not penalized, it's emblematic of the constant conflict in football between legality and danger.

So do we continue to wonder about whether football can be truly safe and strive to make it safer? Or do fatigue and inertia lead only to a continuation of the status quo?

(Image via bubbaprog.)