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Virginia Tech Vs. Miami: Hit The Snooze Button On This One

We've got a real barn-burner going here in the second quarter of Virginia Tech vs. Miami, as Stephen Morris keeps his head above water and defense is the order of the day.

Morris leads off with a 16-yard pass to Leonard Hankerson, and Mike James follows that up with a 19-yard gain. That's as flashy as the 'Canes will get on this drive, and Matt Bosher kicks a 34-yard field goal.

Two 15-yard penalties against Miami provide vastly more offensive motion than the Hokies are able to muster on their own. Chris Hazley sneaks a 49-yard field goal through with 9:29 remaining in the half, and the rest of the quarter is clown shoes. Miami fumbles their next drive away. VT punts. Matt Bosher misses a 47-yard field goal. At the end of the first half, the Hurricanes and Hokies are tied, 10-10.

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