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Virginia Tech Vs. Miami: Neck And Neck Through The Third

Prepare for an action-packed, never-say-die, 14-point third quarter! Virginia Tech's opening drive is all Ryan Williams -- for exactly two plays, which are followed by two consecutive sacks on Tyrod Taylor by two different Miami defenders, Sean Spence and Colin McCarthy.

The Hurricanes' answering drive goes nowhere in two minutes, and Virginia Tech finally gets some movement --and then some -- with a four-minute drive featuring an 18-yard Darren Evans run and a 12-yard Taylor scramble, and culminating in a wild 43-yard touchdown pass to Danny Coale.

Miami fires right back, with Graig Cooper returning the kick 33 yards and a four-play drive given entirely to Lamar Miller. He breaks off a 47-yard run on first down, gains 11 more yards on his next two touches, and punches it in four more yards for the score. At the end of the third quarter, Miami and Virginia Tech are tied, 17-17.

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