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Rank Refereeing Abundant On Saturday: Nebraska Jobbed By Bad Calls, ACC Refs Awful As Usual

One nice thing about the advent of the Internet and YouTube is that the fans who want to whine about their team being unfairly maligned by the officials now have forums for complaint and resources for evidence. Nebraska and Maryland fans will be using those often this week.

For the Cornhuskers, the beef lies with personal foul penalties — like the one assessed on Ben Cotton, who retaliated to a Texas A&M player's indecent conduct with a kick and was the only one flagged on the play.

Then there was the personal foul for roughing the passer called on Nebraska's Courtney Osborne, criticized on air by Kirk Herbstreit as it happened.

Those were only two of Nebraska's 16 penalties. Texas A&M was flagged for two. I'm sure Nebraska fans will let that go ... by 2018 or something.

Meanwhile, in ACC country, Greg Reid got a phantom interception in Florida State's win over Maryland, and Greg Reid got flagged for a phantom personal foul penalty that took a pick-six off the board. That brought fewer calls of bias, and more of gross incompetence, but it's still evidence that a team being hosed by poor officiating can still win a game.

And near the end of a season, when BCS bowl berths are at stake, these calls can cost teams and conferences millions of dollars. One would think that making sure things are ruled right on the field would be of paramount importance to the powers that be.