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BCS Standings: Expert Analysis Of The Week 13 Standings And The Big Ten Race

Well, I was clearly mistaken this morning. The Wisconsin Badgers have a solid lead in this week's rankings that next week's games can not overcome. The only way Wisconsin should lose the Big Ten is with a loss or a loss by the Ohio State Buckeyes.

I also appeared to be overly generous this week to the Alabama Crimson Tide and Arkansas Razorbacks, lifting them past the Michigan State Spartans.

The Boise State Broncos still appears poised to pass the TCU Horned Frogs next week, with a win over the Nevada Wolf Pack. The gap between them and the LSU Tigers has actually grown, significantly reducing LSU's BCS National Championship Game odds.

Last year TCU and Boise State broke conventional wisdom by both being selected for a BCS bowl with eligible teams from automatic qualifying conferences being eligible. It is looking very likely that that precedent could repeat itself this year. With both teams fronting the Mountain West Conference next year, this opens the door to the question, what do you do with a non-BCS automatic qualifier conference that consistently produces two compelling BCS-eligible teams?