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2010 Bowl Projections: Stanford's Rose Bowl Chances Hang In The Balance

The No. 2 team in the Pac-10 is normally reduced to a December date with the Alamo Bowl, and with a two-game lead on Arizona (and barring a bizarre meltdown from the only team ahead of them), Stanford will finish second in the Pac-10 no matter what happens with Oregon State. The Cardinal may get a leg up on a trip to Pasadena, however, from the only team to beat them in 2010, their oft-loathed conference-mates the Oregon Ducks. If the Ducks win out, they're all but assured a national title game berth, which would elevate Stanford to Rose Bowl qualification ... but that might not do them any good.

Boise State going undefeated is about the worst thing that could happen to the Cardinal's flowery aspirations. A third-ranked Broncos team (assuming Boise State does, in fact, pass TCU in the BCS standings next week) could take the slot over a one-loss Pac-10 team.

SB Nation Los Angeles is projecting the Broncos to do just that, making San Antonio, for the moment, the likeliest destination for the Cardinal.

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