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2010 Bowl Projections: Wisconsin To Endure Another Month Of Rose-Related Puns

There's a delightful three-team one-loss scrum at the top of the Big Ten at the moment, with none of the trio (Wisconsin, Ohio State, and Michigan State) assured of picking up another loss by playing one of the other two in the last week of the season. The Badgers are at a head-to-head disadvantage with Sparty, and handed the then-No. 1 Buckeyes their only loss, but they're the top-ranked team in the conference thanks largely to back-to-back wins over two ranked opponents. If all three teams win out, the BCS rankings will determine who snags the Rose Bowl bid, and Wisconsin should have little trouble with a Northwestern team fielding a rudderless offense that just lost to Illinois and recent flailings on defense. All best bowl projection estimates, for the time being, put the Badgers in Pasadena this January, opposite an undefeated mid-major or Stanford.

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