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2010 Bowl Projections: Ohio State's Sweet On Sugar

The Buckeyes are operating in an ever-so-nebulous orbit as one of three one-loss teams atop the Big Ten. They've lost to BCS No. 7 Wisconsin, but skipped Michigan State on the schedule and are nearly unanimously favored to beat Michigan in one of college football's highest-profile rivalry games.

With no undefeated teams remaining, the Big Ten won't be sending a squad to the national title game, and if the three-way tie at the top of the conference holds, BCS rankings will sort out the champ from the unlucky remainders. Right now, Ohio State holds a two-spot lead over the BCS No. 10 Spartans, which (combined with their massive, travel-happy fanbase) will make them a nigh-irresistible option for the Sugar Bowl selectors. The best available projections today predict they'll end up in New Orleans, facing LSU.

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