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Florida's Dee Finley Is Not Taking Loss To Florida State Well, Tweets 'Kill Yourself' To Fans

There are good and bad ways to lose, even for players involved in demoralizing 31-7 defeats to rivals, like Florida's to Florida State today. The good ways would include handshakes, grudging respect, and a little of the "We'll get ours" attitude that fuels revenge. The bad ways would certainly include taking to Twitter to blast fans.

So guess which route Florida's Dee Finley took?

If you guessed the former, I'm guessing you didn't read the headline.


That tweet is still available on Finley's profile, though how long it stays is anyone's bet. (Urban Meyer will likely frown upon one of his players encouraging UF fans to both kill themselves and die slow.) But, in Finley's defense, he also tried to make things better, sort of:

s/0 our fans who are loyal and know we gonna get this fixed ASAP. Love yall for real.

You might have wanted to limit your tweeting to just that part, Dee.