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Randy Shannon Fired: Miami Players And Fans React

With news of a head coach’s firing comes a broad spectrum of reactions. From sheer joy and elation to sadness, a head coach in turmoil can be a polarizing issue for fans. The same can be said about Randy Shannon’s departure from Miami. On one hand, Shannon held a record over .500. On the other, Miami fell off the national radar and has yet to bring the swagger back.

SB Nation’s Seventh Floor Blog passed along word of Shannon’s firing earlier today and gave thanks to the former head coach for his years of service.

He may not have been head coach material, but he has given a quarter-century of his life to Miami as a player, assistant, coordinator, and head coach, and it’s unfortunate things didn’t work out. Thanks for doing your best, Coach.

Seventh Floor’s reaction seems to be the prevailing sentiment in the Miami fanbase. A good man, a humble servant to the Hurricanes, but not a head coach.

Players were reportedly shocked by Shannon’s firing just hours after Saturday’s heartbreaking, overtime loss to South Florida. Lineback Jordan Futch reacted with shock when informed of the news on Saturday night.

``I thought Coach Shannon did a heck of a job. I felt he was the best man for the job. He knows us best. He recruited us. He’s a great guy in all aspects of the word — from football coach to father figure to best friend.

``We have so much talent. We shouldn’t have lost. I think we play to our competition’s level. I’m in total shock.’’

Offensive line coach Jeff Southland will reportedly take over as interim head coach while a coaching search gets underway. Miami closed out the regular season and is awaiting a bowl invitation in the meantime.