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Jon Gruden: Miami's Next Coach? Rumors Heating Up

We're still probably at least a day away from knowing anything concrete about who the University of Miami will hire to replace Randy Shannon. But the chatter about Jon Gruden being that person is definitely intensifying.

The fire's getting stoked by some fairly reputable folks, too. Dan Le Batard sounds like he's been talking to some highly-placed Miami officials, and it sounds like he's hearing about a push to bring the Super Bowl-winning coach to Coral Gables:

I'm stunned by the number of high-up UM people who think they can afford and get Gruden

Our own The 7th Floor has been hearing some things, too.

Okay, we *hear* it's $3.2, done, and headed to the BOT. Have good reason to believe that's accurate, but the usual disclaimers apply.

But they're quick to caution that they might be wrong, and say things won't get done with Gruden until Tuesday. Want more from them? Follow along in their aptly named "Jon Gruden Madness Thread."

Meanwhile, NFL writer Peter King of Sports Illustrated is emphatic that Gruden won't be taking his talents to the school near South Beach:

Jon Gruden is not going to the University of Miami. Period.

But when pressed on how he knew, King wouldn't reveal more.

So, in sum, it definitely sounds like Jon Gruden might be the next coach at Miami. But no one knows for certain.