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Cam Newton Investigation Speculation Welcomes Urban Meyer!

We suppose this was inevitable, really, but quietly roiling allegations that connect Urban Meyer to the Cam Newton investigation finally have a mouthpiece and a name to go with them: Phillip Marshall of the (unfortunately paywalled) Auburn Undercover site has heard from folks who heard from John Bond that Urbz pushed for the publicizing of the Cam Newton improper recruitment rigamarole. That's several degrees of separation at work, so take this with as much salt as you can stomach:

Bond was on a three-way telephone call with Mississippi State coach Dan Mullen and Meyer to discuss the situation. Both Mullen and Bond said that they believed the matter was closed. They had done what they were supposed to do, passed it on to the league office, and nothing else needed to be said.

But Meyer strongly disagreed, saying it needed to be public and that he was going to call The New York Times. Meyer and Pete Thamel, the reporter who wrote the story for The New York Times, are close friends.
Meyer, Bond has said privately, "is behind the whole thing."

SB Nation's Track 'Em Tigers has a lively discussion going on the matter, where the first commenter jokes, "If ya can't beat em, try as hard as you can to get them on probation."