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Oklahoma State Vs. Baylor: Blowout Brewing In Stillwater

The second half kicks off with a bang, as Dana Holgorsen's boys open play from scrimmage with a nifty little gadget play involving a perfectly sold play fake, an inconsequential-seeming flip from Brandon Weeden to Justin Blackmon, and a nice block from Bo Bowling assisting on a 69-yard touchdown run.

The Bears, again, go three-and-out, and after a pass-happy Weeden drive supplemented by a 24-yard Joseph Randle run, the Baylor defense stands up a little and, with the help of a penalty, forces the 'Pokes to settle for three.

Baylor finds its sea legs, finally, with 6:33 remaining in the third quarter, as Jay Finley scrambles in for a 9-yard touchdown run to put the Bears on the board. Unruffled, Brandon Weeden throws a 14-yard pass on first down, then a 62-yard touchdown bomb to Colton Chelf.

All seems quite lost for Baylor, who punts on their ensuing drive after just over two minutes of play, but a rare Kendall Hunter fumble sets up another Finley touchdown dart. Oklahoma State suddenly goes three-and-out-themselves, and that's the effective end of the third quarter. Oklahoma State leads, 41-14.