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Cam Newton On NCAA Investigation: 'When God Be Blessin', The Devil Be Messin''

Sure, his recruitment is the subject of an NCAA investigation that could derail his Heisman Trophy campaign and Auburn's undefeated season. But that doesn't mean Cam Newton can't take it all in stride.

In post-game comments following a five-touchdown day against Chattanooga — comments Auburn asked reporters to keep free of investigation mentions — the Auburn quarterback demurred at first, then dropped one of the quotes of the year in response to the tumult.

"I love Auburn and that's all I got to say. God has blessed me right now... When God be blessin', the Devil be messin.'"

It's not hard to imagine Newton delivering that one with his signature broad smile. And without any substantial evidence linking him to any wrongdoing at this point and the backing of Auburn, which insists he's been eligible, he has reason to smile right now.

But there's likely more to this story, and if any fire matches the smoke seen so far, that smile could soon be wiped from Cam Newton's face.