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College Football Rankings: SEC Dominates Week 11 USA Today Poll

The SEC's "down year" definitely means nothing to the USA Today coaches poll voters.

Seven SEC teams show up in the USA Today coaches poll for Week 11, leading all conferences, and five are in the top 18.

As has been the case for almost a month, five of the SEC's ranked schools are from the unusually strong SEC West, and those are the five schools in the top 18; only Mississippi is unranked. South Carolina, which has held onto the SEC East lead despite a recent tailspin, comes in at 22nd largely on the strength of a big win over Alabama, which now has two losses. Florida re-enters the rankings after a month's absence, thanks to a huge day against Vanderbilt.

It's still likely that the SEC West will produce a BCS National Championship Game participant, but it's overwhelmingly likely to be Auburn, as LSU can't get to the SEC Championship Game without an Auburn loss to Georgia.

Full SEC rankings are as follows:

- No. 2 Auburn
- No. 6 LSU
- No. 12 Alabama
- No. 15 Arkansas
- No. 18 Mississippi State
- No. 22 South Carolina
- No. 24 Florida