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College Football Rankings: Big 12 Tumbles In Week 11 USA Today Poll

The Big 12's weird weekend has hurt it in the Week 11 USA Today coaches poll.

Though five Big 12 schools are ranked, none show up in the top seven, and Oklahoma State's seven-spot leap comes at the expense of Baylor.

Nebraska is now the highest-ranked Big 12 team, showing up at eighth. Texas A&M takes advantage of an upset win over Oklahoma to make a leap into the polls for the first time this season.

We could still see two BCS teams from the Big 12, especially if Oklahoma State and Nebraska win out and play a close Big 12 Championship Game. But it's increasingly likely that the Big 12 champion this year will be a team that's leaving the conference next season, and that the brand that kept the conference semi-cohesive this summer — Texas — might be looking at no better than a trip to Shreveport in December.

Full Big 12 rankings are as follows:

- No. 8 Nebraska
- No. 11 Oklahoma State
- No. 16 Oklahoma
- No. 20 Missouri
- No. 25 Texas A&M