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College Football Rankings: Four Big Ten Teams In Week 11 USA Today Poll

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The Big Ten may not have a ton of depth, but the big four teams in the conference continue to rise in the USA Today coaches poll.

It's the same four teams as always in the USA Today coaches poll for Week 11, and no Big Ten team is higher than Wisconsin at fifth or lower than Iowa at 13th. This seems about right for a conference that has beaten itself black and blue this year, though the only team egregiously ranked ahead of one it beat is Michigan State, which still has a higher ranking than the Iowa team that torched it.

Interestingly, poll rankings may help decide which Big Ten team earns a Rose Bowl berth. If there is no clear winner after the regular season, thanks to every team losing to another one-loss team, the winner will be determined by the team with the highest BCS ranking at season's end.

Full Big Ten rankings are as follows:

- No. 5 Wisconsin
- No. 7 Ohio State
- No. 10 Michigan State
- No. 13 Iowa