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College Football Rankings: Pac-10 Led By Oregon In Week 11 USA Today Poll

It's still just a few Pac-10 teams that show up in the USA Today poll, but at least the conference has the poll's top slot.

Only three Pac-10 schools are part of the USA Today coaches poll for Week 11, but all three are in the top 20.

Oregon claims the top spot in the poll, and increases its lead on the nation's other three undefeated teams, Auburn, TCU, and Boise State, after a win over Washington that looked much better on paper than it did on the field. That might be thanks to Stanford's rise: the Cardinal show up in the top ten again at ninth thanks to a dominant win over Arizona, which falls to 19th after the loss.

Two teams in the top ten gives the Pac-10 a good shot at having two BCS bowl participants at the end of the season, and Oregon's season so far makes a BCS National Championship Game not a possibility but a likelihood.

Full Pac-10 rankings are as follows:

- No. 1 Oregon
- No. 9 Stanford
- No. 19 Arizona