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College Football Rankings: Big East Not Participating In Week 11 USA Today Poll

The Big East is a terrible, terrible, terrible association of football teams.

How bad is it, you ask? Well, no Big East teams are ranked in the USA Today coaches poll for Week 11, and the only Big East team even receiving votes is Pittsburgh.

And the Panthers got only five votes.

It's a sad state of affairs for the weakest of the BCS automatic qualifier conferences, which is almost guaranteed to send Pittsburgh to a BCS bowl and may send the Panthers to that bowl without a ranking in any poll. And the best news may not even be from a conference team.

That's because Central Florida is ranked for the first time this year, coming in at 23rd after a 40-33 win over Houston, and UCF is one of the schools that repeatedly surfaces in talks about Big East expansion.

It's a commentary on how desperate the Big East is for football relevance that a directional school from Florida might be its savior.