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College Football Rankings: Virginia Tech Is Lone ACC Team In Week 11 USA Today Poll

As it was at the beginning of the year, Virginia Tech is the highest-ranked ACC school in the USA Today poll. But the route to this point — and the lack of partners in the rankings — is a bit unusual.

Virginia Tech is ranked 17th in the USA Today coaches poll for Week 11 and is the only ACC school that earns a ranking.

This isn't what most observers would have predicted after the Hokies began the season 0-0-2, with a loss to James Madison, but attrition has picked off all of the other ACC contenders. Florida State and North Carolina State fell out of the poll this week after losses, and Virginia Tech is the only ACC school without a conference loss.

Virginia Tech could still get the ACC's BCS berth — in fact, it's very, very likely to do so — and would be the only school to do so. This just isn't the way it looked like that would happen early in September.

Full ACC rankings are as follows:

- No. 17 Virginia Tech