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VIDEO: Cam Newton Investigation Moves Gene Chizik To Show Feelings

Let's review: So far today in the Cam Newton investigation spectacular, we've seen the University of Florida frantically waving off charges they leaked Newton's academic records to the press, Alabama fans gleefully combing through his rich history of traffic tickets, and the FBI sniffing around the pay-for-play allegations. Let's watch Gene Chizik introduce a slow jam of emotion to bring some human edge to this forbidding landscape:

Auburn's Gene Chizik defends Cam Newton

We've never seen Gene Chizik express one iota of human emotion outside of a stadium, so this is fun. Choice excerpts:
[I] want to make this very clear, because I'm wasting my time addressing allegations that completely to be frank, blow my mind that they're even out there."
"But I'm standing up here on a very important week trying to defend something that quite frankly is garbage. Is there a wizard behind the curtain? I don't know. Is there one, is there two, are there 10? I don't know and I don't care. But what I do care about is coming to the defense of not only a great football player but a great human being who comes from a great family."

A great football player, absolutely. A great family ... we certainly hope so, for Cam's sake and for Auburn's.