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Report: Cam Newton Allegedly Talked Of Payment Plan During Recruitment

ESPN is reporting Cam Newton's father, Cecil Newton, spoke of needing "more than a scholarship" during the star quarterbacks recruitment process last year. Both Cam and Cecil Newton allegedly confirmed in two separate phone interviews that a pay-for-play plan was needed to secure the quarterback. The sources, both with recruiting ties to Mississippi State, added Cam Newton called to inform them his father had chosen Auburn for him, saying the "the money was too much." Mississippi State relayed the information to the SEC compliance office in January.

Prior to Newton's commitment to Auburn, one of the recruiters said Cecil Newton told him it would take "more than a scholarship" to bring his son to Mississippi State, a request the source said the school would not meet. Cecil Newton also referred the recruiter to a third person that would provide more specifics, the source said.

Newton has been embroiled in controversy for the better part of the last week. After allegations of recruiting violationssurfaced on Thursday, it's been open season on the Heisman contender from Auburn. It got worse for Newton, at least in the PR department, yesterday after allegations of academic impropriety during his time at Florida came to light. Auburn head coach Gene Chizik spent the day feverishly denying the allegations in an emotional statement to the media. Even if Newton did cheat while at Florida, it wouldn't affect his current status at Auburn.