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ESPN Still Expects Jon Gruden To Return To Monday Night Football

Heard all the rumors that Jon Gruden is going to be named the new head coach of the Miami Hurricanes as soon as tomorrow? (It’s always the day after you hear the rumors; on Sunday, it was Monday, and on Thursday, it will be Friday.)

Well, ESPN isn’t buying all the talk. In fact, ESPN executive VP Norby Williamson said he “absolutely” expects to continue hearing Gruden talking about football players making football plays on Monday Night Football.

“My feeling is Jon is in Year 2 of a long-term contract, and we expect Jon to be on ‘Monday Night Football’ doing what he’s been doing for a long time to come,” Williamson said on a conference call about ESPN’s baseball announcers.

That would seem to be at odds with the rampant speculation that Gruden approached Miami, instead of the other way around, and that he is set to bolt from Bristol any minute now. Granted, Williamson is at least on the record and has his name attached to the statement. But the guy with the only name that matters in the end — Jon Gruden — is still being coy.