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Bo Pelini, Tommy Tuberville Reportedly Out Of Contention For Miami Job

We're being denied the prospect of Football Four Loko in Miami, at least "officially." (We're also quite aware of what it looks like, putting "officially" in scare quotes, but this is a college football coaching search and there's no such thing as ruling a candidate out for good until the actual successor signs a contract and reports to campus.) Bo Pelini is denying (albeit in very careful language) that he's after Randy Shannon's old job at Miami, and his AD is backing him up. Here's Pelini, via the Sun-Sentinel:

The reports that I am preparing to interview at the University of Miami are false. I will not have any additional comment on this matter or any other rumors.

YES HE'S NOT PREPARING BECAUSE HE CLEARLY ALREADY CAME PREPARED, PAAAAOWL. Finebaum's territory does not stretch into Miami, but if it did, this is what you'd be hearing. Here's Tom Osborne:

Bo has done an excellent job of leading our football program at Nebraska over the past three years. We’re looking forward to having Bo and our coaching staff lead our team in the Holiday Bowl and as we transition into the Big Ten next year.

And just in case anyone was interested, the Double-T is staying at the Double-T: Tommy Tuberville would like everyone to know that while he is a real catch and any program would be happy to squire such a prize about town, he won't be pursuing the 'Canes job himself (anymore (starting now). We're sure this news will please his legendarily easygoing overlords in Lubbock.

HT: SB Nation Kansas City.