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Will Muschamp Hired As Florida Head Coach: Major Applewhite Could Stay At Texas, And Other Speculation

It appears that previous reports of Major Applewhite joining Will Muschamp at Florida were premature.'s Geoff Ketchum has two sources saying Applewhite is going, and two saying he's staying, and ESPN's Bruce Feldman cites a source who says that holding off on Applewhite-to-Florida talk makes sense.

But if the Gators' next offensive coordinator isn't Applewhite, then who will be? Speculation had percolated about Oklahoma State offensive coordinator Dana Holgorsen replacing Steve Addazio on Urban Meyer's staff before Meyer resigned; there has at least been a little isolated chatter about Holgorsen heading to Gainesville tonight.

That would fit, with the Air Raid offense popularized by Mike Leach and furthered by Holgorsen, a Leach disciple, being one of the few to truly trouble Muschamp in his time as a defensive coordinator. But at this moment, it's just speculation that sounds good.

And when thinking of other names that could float in the wake of Muschamp's move, Alabama defensive coordinator Kirby Smart may be the first to come to mind. Smart's young, has learned under Nick Saban, and has been rumored as a head coaching candidate in recent years; moving from Alabama to Florida — or Texas, to replace Muschamp — would be a lateral move. But if Florida or Texas forked over more money, it could be a lucrative one.