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Iowa Football Players May Be Skirting Drug Test

Strange things are afoot at the University of Iowa. Following a mass, unexplained exodus of players, either suspended or leaving on their own volition, Iowa athletic director Gary Barta announced the Hawkeye's drug testing program may have been compromised. All this comes on the heels of Iowa all-time leading receiver Derrell Johnson-Koulianos' arrest for a fun variety of drug charges, highlighted by claims the receiver was running a drug house.

"We have not caught anybody getting around the system," Barta said. "Unfortunately, there's enough evidence in our protocol to say we have to tighten up. It's pretty likely that someone -- I don't know if it's one or 21 -- someone has gotten around this process.

Putting all the recent trouble together with Barta's statements doesn't paint a pretty picture of the Hawkeyes' program as it stands right now. Johnson-Koulianos' arrest, coupled with word that players may have found a way to cheat the drug tests, is an eye-opener, and casts a poor light on a program with plenty off recent on-field success.

For some reason, it feels like this story isn't over yet as it keeps getting more interesting by the day. Stay tuned to our StoryStream for the latest on the Iowa football troubles as they prepare for the Insight Bowl against the Missouri Tigers.