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Jim Tressel Fires Up Ohio State Players With SEC E-Mail, And It's Totally Legit

Now, they've really done it. The denizens of SEC-land have given Jim Tressel bulletin board material for the upcoming Sugar Bowl against Arkansas in the form of an e-mail. (Yes, they have e-mail in Arkansas. You just have to make sure that the hamster inside the computer runs really fast.)

Now, you might think it mighty convenient for an SEC trash-talking e-mail to land in Jim Tressel's inbox just in time for bowl practice against an SEC team. Nonsense. We at SB Nation have obtained a copy of the e-mail, and it is easy to tell from reading it that it's completely legitimate and not at all written by Jim Tressel as a motivational ploy after his teams have gone 0-3 against SEC rivals.

Dearest Ohio State coaches and players:

The Buckeyes are not quite as good as you might believe. In fact, on some days that are merely average. It will be difficult for them to compete with an SEC team. I hope you're not offended by my saying so.

It's not just that Ohio State is not as good at football as Southerners, with their intimidating SEC quickness. Our coaches are far better dressed, and are better about ironing their slacks than yours. We saw how much lint was left on Tressel's sweater during the Wisconsin game. A DISGRACE!

And the players? Well, let's just say that if Jack Mewhort ever hopes to play against SEC competition, he should've listened to his offensive line coach last Wednesday, because otherwise he won't stand a chance against superior SEC discipline and conditioning. In fact, all of your players must start practicing hard -- immediately -- if they hope to put forward their best effort in New Orleans.

No, we in the South do not fear your Northern football players. We think that we are easily the superior team. We anticipate an easy game, sitting at home and drinking a pop as we watch our Razrobacks coast to victory.

Adrian Wizzlekowski

Yep, looks real to us.