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Mark Cuban Pushing For A College Football Playoff System

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban says a lot of things that win a lot of attention. Some get attention because they're ignorant (calling Nuggets players "thugs"), while others get attention because they're actual good ideas. He famously made a run for the Chicago Cubs -- a mediocre team that could have only benefited from some new energy at the top -- last year. After the comments he made on Thursday, it seems as though he's found a new project: instituting a playoff system in college football.

Cuban said he has talked to two athletic directors from BCS conferences who were extremely enthusiastic about the idea. He intends to contact several school presidents and state senators in the coming weeks to determine whether the idea is worth pursuing.

Without specifics, it's hard to say whether Cuban has a good idea on his hands, but Mr. Jacobi over at CBS Sports makes a good point:

Cuban's insertion of himself into the BCS debate isn't a gamechanger; it's even better. That's because the game's always going to be the same, and that game is money. If Cuban can bring more money to the table and win the PR debate to boot, then it won't matter how many rich men in blazers the BCS bowls send to top schools; Cuban's going to win that game every time.

Money is the only reason the BCS still exists in its current form, correct? At this point, how many fans would rather see BCS bowls than a playoff system? I'm not an unconditional Cuban supporter, but if a crooked system that's only propped up by money were to be beaten at its own game and knocked down by even more money... well, that would be some top-shelf schadenfreude.