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Vanderbilt And James Franklin: It's Complicated

Hand it to Vanderbilt: They've found a bold and innovative way to tell the world that they just hired an ACC coordinator with questionable credentials after whiffing on Gus Malzahn:


That is Vanderbilt's page on Facebook, where in the environs normally reserved for the buying and selling of digital livestock, prayer requests, and the very latest in global warming jokes, they'll be announcing the EXTREMELY TOP SECRET hiring of their new head coach. And unless they're suddenly planning on pulling a mean-spirited bait-and-switch (and if they are, please let it be in favor of Mike Leach, because he already has the hat), it's going to be Maryland OC James Franklin. But until the digital oracle lifts its veil, all we can do is wait on a stupid Facebook page to settle the SEC's last open coaching position of the offseason, and make jokes. We've compiled a handy list below, should you wish to join the fray on your own walls:

  • Vandy invites James Franklin to play College Town
  • Vandy just Liked Robbie Caldwell's Farmville. <--Turkey joke
  • 11 coaches in the SEC like this.
  • Gus Malzahn is in a relationship. Gus Malzahn is single. Gus Malzahn is in a relationship.
  • 14,000 people have un-liked Vanderbilt University.
  • If this were a Social Network sequel, it would star Andie MacDowell and be written by Paul Haggis.

The saddest part of all is that this is likely the work of some intern in the SID office who had to REALLY REALLY pull for it to happen, but this is how we learn about how not to use the internet. (An internet that, in related news, is currently convinced VU's about to extend a royal welcome to one Ron Prince.)