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New Orleans Bowl, Ohio Vs. Troy: Bobcats And Trojans Living Large In NOLA

It's a little unclear why the event planners in charge of the New Orleans Bowl even bother to structure activities for visiting teams and fans. Were it up to us, they'd all be met at the airport by limo drivers bearing signs reading, "YOU ARE IN NEW ORLEANS. MAKE THE MOST OF IT." You can sort of tell by the schedule of bowl week events that some of the organizers feel the same way, as the itinerary leaves plenty of room for just Being There. The few odd highlights this week for contingents from Ohio and Troy included:

• A two-day gymnastics competition, in which we hope the players and coaches got to compete. We wonder who was tasked with spottin Frank Solich on a trampoline or whether the Bobcats' mascot punch some child on a balance beam. If neither of these things happened, it's just a waste of gymnastics.

• The NOPD Race Against Crime, which is a walking race, because here in New Orleans, even lawmanning moves at a jaunty, relaxed pace.

• The Fan Gospel Brunch, where, if the event description was to be believed, fans were allowed to mingle with players, bands and ... mascots? Did they make the plush mascots just sit there in their foam heads and not eat? Did someone at least smuggle a juice box inside their suits? It's easy to understand from this kind of treatment why the Bobcat lashes out.

The 2010 New Orleans Bowl kicks off at 9 p.m. EST. Browse our complete 2010 college football postseason schedule, and connect with MAC fans at SB Nation's Hustle Belt.