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New Mexico Bowl, BYU Vs. UTEP: Jake Heaps & Cody Hoffman Widen The Gap

Not to be outdone by UTEP's fruitless antics, the Cougars respond with a half-assed drive of their own that stalls (by the standards they've set today) in a 38-yard Mitch Payne field goal. Marlon McClure is held to a mere 21 yards on his next kickoff return, and as the second quarter begins, Trevor Vittatoe is intercepted at his own 25-yard line. On BYU's very next play, Jake Heaps hits Cody Hoffman down the left sideline for a 31-yard touchdown. The second quarter is barely underway, and the Cougars hold a 24-3 lead.

Trevor Vittatoe continues to be chased backwards, Family Circus-style, as another pocket collapses and UTEP's hit with a 19-yard loss plus a penalty. BYU goes back on offense, and what might be a lucky break for the Miners is lost when a recovered Cody Hoffman fumble is re-lost and Hoffman himself recovers the ball. With 12:27 remaining in the first half, BYU leads UTEP 31-3 in the 2010 New Mexico Bowl.

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