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New Orleans Bowl, Ohio Vs. Troy: Trojans Notch Another Touchdown, Take Over With 14-7 Lead

Eight plays covering 76 yards in just a shade over three minutes. That’s what teams have to contend with when facing Troy, as Ohio is now finding out.

The Trojans take over after Ohio’s touchdown and go to work on another relatively quick scoring drive. Corey Robinson goes 4-of-5 for 50 yards, including a 31-yard touchdown strike to Tebiarus Gill, and the Trojans have once again taken a lead.

Back to the Bobcats. Ohio gets the ball at its own 18-yard line and goes with three straight rushes — two of them for losses — and ends up gaining just two yards in a three-and-out. The quarter ends with the Bobcats preparing to punt to Troy, something that will not end well for them if the game so far is any indication.