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New Orleans Bowl, Ohio Vs. Troy: Trojans Rolling, 38-7, As Game Hits Halftime

Halftime is probably too early to rule any team out of a game, but it's looking very much like -- barring a miracle comeback from Ohio in the second half of the New Orleans Bowl -- the search for a competitive bowl game is going to stretch into Tuesday.

In the second quarter alone, Troy has scored on:

  • A 16-yard pass from Corey Robinson to Jerrel Jernigan, his second touchdown, the end of a 66-yard drive;
  • A 50-yard field goal from Michael Taylor, following a 36-yard drive;
  • A 16-yard pass to Tebiarus Gill, his second touchdown reception of the game, finishing an 80-yard drive; and
  • A 26-yard touchdown strike to Gill for his third score of the game, capping a 55-yard drive.

Ohio has not been quite as successful. And by that, we mean that they haven't picked up a first down since their second possession of the game. The Bobcats quarterback rotation strategy of having Phil Bates take most of the snaps and then running Boo Jackson onto the field for obvious passing downs is not really tricking anyone.

Troy has now outgained the Bobcats 371-79; Robinson is 23-of-29 for 285 yards and 4 TDs. Ohio, meanwhile, has yet to stop the Trojans in any meaningful way and is not really equipped for a big comeback; the Bobcats have the 105th-ranked passing offense in the NCAA.