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Report: Former Buff Jon Embree Offered Head Coaching Position At Colorado

Colorado struck out in its bids to secure the services of household coaching names like Les Miles and Mike Bellotti to replace Dan Hawkins, but with the war chest nearly bare and morale in the gutter, the Buffs have hit upon the next best thing: Jon Embree, a hometown guy, a Colorado man. The former standout player and current Washington Redskins tight ends coach doesn't have experience in the head chair, but in terms of rallying the troops, he may be just what the university needs.

Embree hasn't yet accepted the position, but a formal offer has been extended, and he's said to be mulling his decision. He coached for 11 years at his alma mater to launch his career, in various capacities as an assistant and positions coach, before spending a three-year stint as assistant coach at UCLA and moving on to the NFL. He also has a fine mustache, a crucial essential for Real Men in the Rockies.

SB Nation's Ralphie Report had figured this was how it was all going to shake out, and shares former Colorado coach (and search candidate) Bill McCartney's hopes that fellow Buff star Eric Bieniemy, now coaching for the Minnesota Vikings, will come on board in a coordinating capacity if Embree accepts.