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Beef 'O' Brady's Bowl Reactions: Louisville Football Fans Rejoice

The heady fog of celebration is still hanging over the Louisville Cardinals after last night's 31-28 win over Southern Miss in the 2010 Beef 'O' Brady's Bowl. SB Nation's Card Chronicle has a general celebration thread going, a rundown of all the superstitions that one fan believes made this win possible, and a heartfelt thank you from one longtime diehard, who asks, "Are we back? Who cares?"

Thank you to this Cardinal team.  Thank you for being the Bridge to the future.  But thank you most for being the pillars of today.  We all want to talk about what we can do and what recognition we may get down the road.  But first I think we should talk about what we are.

We are winners.  A bunch of kids who were winners who became losers are winners again.  This group of seniors stepped up and showed who they really are.  Winners.

The Cardinals move to 7-6 in their first season under shiny new head coach Charlie Strong.