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Poinsettia Bowl's Qualcomm Stadium Flooded; Game Officials Say Everything Will Be Fine

Everything should be a go for the Poinsettia Bowl. The teams are in San Diego, the tickets have been sold. The only problem is that the field is, um, flooded. Roughly half of it is covered in water, but executive director Bruce Binkowski says not to worry; San Diego State and Navy will play as scheduled tomorrow. Eat your heart out, Vikings.

"The field will be ready," he said. "The ground crew will be working all night long. There might be a few soft spots where water sunk in, but the field will be ready."

Binkowski advised fans to arrive extra early and take the trolley for maximum convenience because parts of the parking lot had also flooded.

Forgive us if we don’t take ground crew assurances about the field’s fitness for certain after this week’s Monday Night Football debacle. But while a completely frozen field screamed injury risk, a water-logged stadium seems to have more comic potential than anything else.