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Photos: Qualcomm Stadium Flooding Day Before Poinsettia Bowl

The Poinsettia Bowl between Navy and San Diego State is still slated to kickoff on Thursday night despite the flooding of Qualcomm Stadium, where the game is being held. And the floods haven’t created just a little bit of standing water — according to reports, the field was submerged in about 10 inches of muddy water as of Wednesday. Some images of the flooding:

(Image via Daily Mail)

(Image via

The flooding was caused by 4.2 inches of rain dumped on the area this week, causing the San Diego River to flood Mission Valley in San Diego. Luckily for the Poinsettia Bowl, and the entire area, there is no more rain forecasted for Thursday, or the remainder of the week.

Poinsettia Bowl executive director Bruce Binkowski said on Wednesday that crews would be working around the clock to pump the water out of the stadium, and he assured fans the game would go on as planned.

For more on the flooding, and the game, stay tuned to this StoryStream for constant updates.