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Little Caesars Bowl, FIU Vs. Toledo: Hilton Heads Comeback Attempt For Panthers, Toledo Leads 24-21

In the third quarter, Toledo kept doing what they’d been doing all night. Scoring. A 29-yard field goal extended their lead to 24-7 and seemed to put the Little Caesars Bowl that much closer to being out of reach for FIU.

Then they kicked off to TY Hilton and 89-yards later the Panthers were back in the game. Hilton’s touchdown return seemed to sway momentum midway through the 3rd quarter . Three plays into their next drive, Toledo was intercepted and the Panthers suddenly had a chance to make it a game.

That they did. Thanks to a Toledo penalty the Panther got all the way down to the seven-yard-line. Darriet Perry rushed to the left for a touchdown, making it a 24-21 game.

The rest of the quarter saw little in the way offense and both teams now head to the final quarter with a chance to win the coveted Pizza Of Victory*.

*May or may not be actual prize for winning.