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Champs Sports Bowl, West Virginia Vs. NC State: 'Pack Draws First Blood

It turns out the Champs Sports Bowl is a lot easier to watch when it's not being played on the original Citrus Bowl chunky-style natural turf. It's also a rather serene evening, as NC State's band has been held up several states away due to nasty winter weather.

The offensive lines of both squads appear to have eaten too much funnel cake at the Magic Kingdom, as quarterback hurries and sacks characterize the first several possessions. A neatly-executed baseball slide from slugging NC State quarterback Russell Wilson is the lone highlight of the first ten minutes or so of play.

On the Pack's second drive, Wilson completes his second, third, and fourth passes for total gains of 40 yards to move his team to midfield, with Owen Spencer adding a nice 14-yard reception three plays later to edge NC State up to West Virginia's red zone. Two plays later, Wilson connects with Mustafa Green over the middle, resulting in a 16-yard touchdown scamper for the true freshman. With 2:00 remaining in the first quarter, NC State leads West Virginia, 7-0.

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