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MAC Championship Game 2010: Huskies Will Roll ... Right?

SB Nation's MAC blog, Hustle Belt, examines the obvious mismatch between Northern Illinois and Miami (OH) heading into tonight's conference championship game:

Here's the funny thing about championships: they are always billed as epic bouts between two great teams. The problem is ... there's only one great team scheduled to play tonight.

As exemplified in their ranking, No. 24/25 NIU has a better offense than Miami. By far. NIU has the better defense. The better lines. The better special teams. The better coaches. The two-touchdown spread is absolutely correct, other than the fact that it could get much, much worse. You could see a 30-point blowout here. Or maybe I'm being too generous.

Oh, wait, was I supposed to hype this game up so that everybody tunes in and comments like madcats during tonight's live blog? Sorry, I forgot what my role was for a second. (Although please do that.)

But we've fallen into this pit trap before.