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ACC Championship Game 2010: How The 'Noles Can Bring Down The Hokies

SB Nation's Florida State community breaks down the Virginia Tech offense in advance of Saturdays ACC Championship Game:

Virginia Tech runs a pro-style scheme utilizing the I-formation and the gun.  It's pretty bland but they do have good players and a serious stud at quarterback.

They struggle with heavy zone teams, like Florida State and sometimes against teams with good corners that can go man/press (Xavier Rhodes). Most teams that have slowed them down rush 4, and play a mostly cov 2/4 and some mixed zones as well.  Some teams have been really passive with their rushes and really do not get up field with their DL at all. Teams with athletic DLs (Like FSU) will probably try to force Taylor out of the pocket more, instead of slow-playing it. 

This year they are willing to throw more on 1st down.  That makes them much tougher to defend, because if they didn't you could just play cover-3 with 8 in the box all the time.  They are good at the bubble game as well.  But Taylor doesn't hit the seams all that well, which does suggest playing some cover 3. 

Tyrod really struggles going to his left.  FSU needs to focus on taking away the run (obviously), but in terms of Taylor it must push the pocket, not rush the pocket.  Wildly rushing upfield is a great way to get blown out here.  FSU must make Taylor complete intermediate routes over the middle while applying pressure in his face (up the middle and from his right side).  That means Markus White and Bjoern Werner need to have big and disciplined games.  Brandon Jenkins must be patient and not lose contain as he is there to clean up the back side. 

Florida State's linebackers must get off blocks in this game and the defensive backs (looking at you, Greg Reid) must tackle because FSU will be playing a lot of 8-man fronts to stop Tech's run game.