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ACC Championship 2010: An Auspicious Beginning To The Jimbo Fisher Era

SB Nation's Virginia Tech and Florida State communities discuss the Seminoles' coaching transition in advance of Saturday's ACC Championship Game:

GC: I realize you could write a book on this, but give us the CliffsNotes version of the differences between the Noles under Jimbo Fisher and Bobby Bowden.

TN: Wow. Where to start. Essentially, Bowden was operating the program like something out of 1995, hired many of his buddies/ family members who were either unqualified to coach or washed up, and generally had the energy level of someone who is 80. Fisher was 5th in command (unbelievable), asked for many important changes, had them denied, but kept them in mind. When he became head coach, FSU got an offensive-minded Saban clone with a bit more media charm. New weight program. Finally getting a nutrition program. Much more focus on family. Hiring competent coaches that relate well with young kids. Demanding long hours from those coaches (Fisher sleeps in his office sometimes). Mental conditioning, etc. And crushing recruiting at a level the ACC has never seen.